Exploring The Importance Of Terrarium Workshops As A Corporate Team Building Tool

26 Nov

The tight schedules and cut-throat competition that exists in the corporate arena affords us very little if any time to detach ourselves and unwind. People possess different giftings that enables some to thrive in the midst of all the chaos while others just buckle down under the pressure. If your ultimate goal is to attain serenity and tranquility in this fact paced world, it is time you considered the path of terrariums.

When there is a repetitive routine of official activities people to experience a team building and consider every undertaking at the workplace as a chore. The resultant effect is that creativity at individual levels is stifled thereby negatively impacting on overall productivity and efficiency. The strategy you can rejuvenate your creativity is through use of terrarium workshops where you assemble your favorite plants and rocks and set up your garden inside a glass compartment.

The atmosphere under which terrarium workshops are conducted are relaxed and free from any form of pressure. This facilitates smooth interactions among the participants which helps break down the inherent facades of office life where there exists bureaucracy and hierarchy. This is an opportunity to get to interact with your colleague more freely and understand their authentic personality. Check Terrarium Singapore to learn more.

Scientific research has demonstrated that interacting with nature has the effect of improving tranquility. As a result, you experience an enhanced overall mental and physical wellbeing alongside improving your concentration. Since the color of terrarium is green, it gives a calming effect which facilitates reduction in blood pressure and better handling of emotional agitation.

Since most environment at workplaces are populated with people it is hard to maintain any essential communication with another person. When working with terrariums, you get the opportunity to speak and share ideas and experiences with the person you have paired up with. Eventually you are able to experience a level of team work that was not possible previously.

The structure and design of a lot of ordinary games limits the number of people that can participate simultaneously. If a lot of people are scheduled to take part in the game, the ones that are waiting for their turn have a feeling of being left out. The ability of terrarium workshops to accommodate a large number of participants either in small or big groups encourages inclusivity. In the long run the concept of effective team building is advanced and enhanced.

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